A new Hope for the Children of Morocco
The history of the Childrenshome

The children's home near Ain Leuh was started by two Americans, Emmagene Coates and Ellen Doran. They cared for abandoned children in an apartment in Azrou before moving to Ain Leuh. From 1951 to 1957, they had between 2 and 4 children constantly in their care.

In 1957, they purchased approximately 5 hectares (Approximately 12+ Acres) of land from a French military officer. From 1957 to 1985 they took in 6 boys and 10 girls. Between 1986 and 1995 they took in 10 more children. In the following years, their age and ensuing death of Ms. Coates brought the remaining kids to Children's Haven, another children's home started between Azrou and Ifrane.

mw coates

Mrs Coates aug 1995

Ms. Coates died on 19th December 1995 at the age of 85 and Ms. Doran returned to Minnesota, USA, in relatively good health. She died on 17 Oct 2007 at the age of almost 98.

The home's support was provided by private donations, mostly from friends and relatives.

Throughout the operational years of the children's home they regularly received support and encouragement from the people at the Haven.

Further support came from an expatriate committee residing mainly in Rabat, the capital of Morocco.

mw doran

Mrs Doran 1994

After the departure of Ms. Doran, the property fell into dereliction. The buildings on the premises were in a state of disrepair and needed to be rebuilt before they could be occupied. After a series of proposals and counter-proposals with the regional authorities, the independent group developed a plan that would include a campus for 100 children. The government gave its permission to go ahead and papers were drawn up for a 99-year lease. Approval was granted on the 23rd of August 1999. Early September, the teams settled down on the grounds and started demolishing the old grounds. The original 400 apple trees required urgent attention. Teams of volunteers helped local workers prune and plant new trees.

In order to become a recognized entity, though, a new board had to be constituted. In 1997, the committee reorganized in order to obtain permission from the Moroccan authorities to re-open the home. We received these papers near the end of 2002. Awaiting this, Errol went ahead and had the workshop built and he and Michelle, used it as a temporary home. From that vantage point, he was able to supervise the construction of the family housing units. Houses were rented in Ain Leuh, or neighboring Toufestalt, for work teams which came in plentiful supply! The Boonstras, our second family, and staff rented in town while construction progressed.

A huge septic tank had to be built in order to function well into the future. The water distribution system is still in the formative stages. A storage tower has been built and means for keeping water pure are being worked out. Along with pure water needs and proper sewage handling, an incinerator has also been built to trash build-up.

Most of these projects have had their teething problems, but the Lord has brought capable people to help Errol and the team and the local builders. They have learned and increased their skills in areas very new to them. The projects that require our attention, now, are the next few housing units and the community cafeteria complex along with developing secure communication links within the campus and to those we are in contact without.

The rudiments of an accounting and budgeting process have been put in place. Funds for different areas of development are being applied more judiciously.
Curriculum development is the next important step for our children's development. Much more planning is needed for this generation and the next set of parents and kids.

Go to the "Vision" page for more on our dreams for the future. Or, go to our "Help Us" section to find out what the new needs are and how you can participate. Don't just be part of the history; be part of the future!

The Village of Hope Children

The Village of Hope Children

The Village (mountain view)

The Village (mountainview)

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Boonstra Family

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